Wednesday, April 04, 2007

All sexed up

There's one thing me and probly men in general just envy women for. And don't understand why most of 'em don't take more advantage of.

Yeah, reckon you just guessed it.

Unfortunately don't remember the name of the guy in the greek myth whom the gods turned into a woman and later back again, and who thereafter claimed women would be able to experience seven times more lust than men. [edit: it was Tiresias, check comments]

Considering how many times uninhibited girls can come one after another as compared to boys (rsp. the latter even within 24 hrs) I'd say sounds more like the understatement of the century to me.

Which for what it's worth is the reason why in bed (or wherever) generally don't mind giving her a headstart. For one, cause it turns me on and is a lot of fun, and two, the higher she's outta her mind already, the better it'll be for me too in my experience.

Plus the less likely she'll be inclined to call it a day rsp. night after just a few meager minutes or quarts of hours more.

Which of course translates into even more fun twice again.

Despite 'mafraid my stamina still being a wee bit behind that legendary couple an ex-girlfriend told me about usually being at it an almost incredible seven times a day.

(WARNING: Won't work with your average inhibited girl! Reckon you'll guess why just as well ...)

(continued ...)


Allie said...

I think the myth was about Tiresias, the later-blind seer who would become famous in Oedipus Rex for being completely ignored by the title character. As I recall he saw some serpents mating, and having your gender swapped was par for the course for that (??? the Greeks were weird). Zeus was not real happy to hear his answer about who enjoyed sex more!

Anonymous said...

allie, thanx! it was indeed tiresias. and actually he even claimed women would get nine tens of the lust while men only the remaining ten percent, which was in response to an argument between zeus and hera. but it was the latter who wasn't amused bout his anwers, and as a punishment struck him blind, but as a recompensation zeus gave him the gift of foresight, according to wiki.