Monday, April 02, 2007

Kinda incognito a.k.a. Almost human

(30th Oct. 2006)

It's really amazing how passers by just stopped staring at me for a change once I got the last bastards cut off and also don't have to wear dressings anymore, even despite there's still some coagulated blood on the top of them new scars.

Erm, as I just found out this evening on the bus from Whitechapel to Aldwych, at least people passing me from the front, that is.

Seated upfront in the upper floor, looking out at a bus stop, trying to figure which one it was, when I noticed some girls on the sidewalk, going on in the same direction as the bus, all of them suddenly turning their heads and staring at me!


Only then realising, they'd just exited the bus, and yes, they'd been sitting some rows behind me, passing me as they went for the stairs.

Uh, so guess I know why I was getting them kinda eyes. However, as compared to non-cap situations earlier, reckon I can just live with that.

(to be continued ...)

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