Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I did it.

Incredible, but true: Eventually I made her say 'Stop'. Even pulling my hand away. And despite her playfully adding 'just for an hour or so', we both knew better.

Oh, make no mistake, not that I'd been capable of bringing it up again myself at that point, not even remotedly like. (More precisely, already last time that had needed more than just a wee bit of persuasion. But, no way stopping her then ...)

Not to mention we both had had a busy day behind us, plus another one just a few hours ahead.

However, I still would've been ready making this kitty purr and twitch and gasp once more no sweat, not to mention loving it. Actually going for it already, which was why she said 'Stop' in the first place.

And call me whatever names in the book you like, truth is, while both of us falling asleep fast, part of me felt some kind of silly gratification, putting an even slightly wider smile on my face.


(continued ...)

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