Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pigs galore

Friday went to the local court having a peek at Alex 'Halif' Moshe's latest twelve charges rolled into one trial. Kinda funny showing up there without being the accused myself, hawhaw.

Like plenty others, Halif got harassed and f**ked over by the Zurich Police on grounds that didn't even exist legally, and when insisting on them having no rights to do so, of course just got f**ked over again again. So far, so regular. But Halif being Halif, he just refused to 'get it' and shut up (as any 'reasonable' person would've).

Unfortunately did so in ways making it for the cops and their friends at the district attorney's offices pretty easy now f**king him over on kinda actual legal grounds for a change. Like by e.g. sending them lotsa less and less friendly emails, plus ringing them up regularly, also at their private homes. So in addition to the few days on probation plus 20'000.-- Swiss Francs he already got sentenced for last year, now the DA wants him to have another 9 months plus probly some 100'000s (good one, since Halif's already broke anyway).

Plainclothes Officer A.S. acting as 'agent provocateur' ...
© Anger 2002

To really justify the charges, the filth went for the whole show. I.e. gates 'n' coppers à discretion, people getting searched 'n' metal detectored, free mandatory cloakroom and so on. Plus contrary to what the judge told Halif's lawyer, were also asking for IDs plus putting names on file. Just another thing there's no legal grounds for, which is why I left mine at home just to begin with (incl. the mobile just in case).

However, didn't even bother not telling them my real name, and BINGO, 15 minutes later got plenty additional hits from the county coppers ISP on every homepage they got me on file for. Like the one you're reading, or this one, that one, and this one here etc, never mind all perfectly legal, even court-approved since of course they've already tried that one fer sure, but hey, who cares (links to english section usually top right by the way). Thanx, boys!

In total were 6 visitors in the court room (two more refused to give their names and weren't admitted, which, as even the judge had to admit later, was just plain illegal, but guess what, not that she really cared). 3 of the visitors btw being the copper who filed most of of the charges against Halif plus two of his mates, since he's sooo terrified and really feels threatened, literally 'fearing for his very life', as he'd told the DA.

[Yup, actually the very copper A.S. shown on the pics here, filmed Mayday 2002 on active duty 'infiltrating' demonstrators, trying to start a riot pretty hard but still in vain, not to mention intimidating innocent passers-by. And yes, just in case you might ask, my mate who did them pics of course got violently arrested for doing so hardly 10 minutes later, his glasses broken, camera confiscated etc. And despite the charges being 'creative' as usual, eventually our 'tough' union-lawyer just dropping the case as 'hopeless' due to all involved coppers lying unisono. After I picked up the case as 'layman defence counsel' since no pro would do so without seeing loads of money upfront, insisting on doing everything and especially the confiscations very strictly by the book, thank God the DA got so pissed off by such impertinence that she made some serious mistakes, plus then the coppers lying a bit too fancifully as well, so eventually the judge refused to accept the charges which thereafter were finally dropped. Needless to say A.S. and his copper mates were never charged ...]

So for the well-searched 3 civilian visitors plus the evenly well-searched 'extremely dangerous' defendant (as usual tried searching his lawyer's bag as well), there were no less than 19 heavily armed coppers at guard inside and in front of the courtroom. And yeah, surprise, surprise, as I had a good chance to witness, of the 6 admitted visitors only two had their names taken on file. I.e. just those civilians they already knew and/or suspected of being acquaintances of the defendant, that is.

When Halif's lawyer later complained about that and the judge seemingly surprised asked if this was really true, the boss-copper suddenly hastened to add, the remaining names would be added to the list afterwards. Couldn't help myself barely hiding a good laugh. These arrogant b*stards are just so ignorant! Like the copper guarding the notepad with the filed names, when the lawyer later asked if now all the names had been taken, brushing her off, 'I don't know'.

... and frightening passers-by, Zurich, Mayday 2002.
© Anger 2002
Unfortunately had to hurry on, so don't know the outcome of the case yet. Though probly pretty predictable anyway, innit?

Frankly, though I have myself well enough under control as not doing themselves the favour of getting provoked by these kinda games, deep down that's obviously still a bit different. Cause, when again doing our PigBrother Live Show in Freiburg i. Br. the next day, despite usually making a point of only calling them 'officers' or at worst 'cops' and as per usual arguing my case of not lumping all of them together, am afraid have to plead guilty of having thrown in two or three 'pigs' for a change.

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