Friday, April 13, 2007

Help! Pt. 2

Missed Part 1? You'll miss the pun!

Nah, seriously now. Don't know what kinda girls you might pull (or be), but in my life in 7 out of 10 relationships me always wanting too much sex too many times too often and for too long was an issue, not to mention one of the main reasons for them to eventually come to an end. While on the other hand I only once ever heard complaints of the contrary. (Well, I've to admit she was probly right about me being a pretty inhibited victim of the protestant working ethics at that point.)

The remaining other few, if truth be told, well, felt I was only just barely able putting up with their sex drive myself (and just for the record, that's not a complaint, especially not from a wannabe stud like me ;-). Means, yes, I do recall some brief moments of temporary exhaustion also from their part (hey, sometimes even for the rest of the night). And they also never complained bout me not being enough at it, but generally we're always very gentle and, ahem, supportive. But ...

But actually I never harbored too much doubt whether or not they'd consider me (or any other man) as a real competition regarding sexual appetite (not to mention living it).

I mean, hey guys, like it or not, obviously that's just the way nature-or-who-or-whatever arranged it, and I for one have no problem neither with the fact nor with admitting it, nor do I feel humiliated by it too much.

Contrary to playing the 'traditional' male role, that is. You know, the dumb guy who always wants and never gets, and especially not until he coughs up this or that in advance anyway.

Cause broken hearted or not, rather than playing stoopid like this, actually I'm better off alone (hehe).

(continued ...)

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