Saturday, May 20, 2006

'Matty, are you a bodyfascist?' (Pt. 1)

Never had heard the term until my then-girlfriend asked me the above question.

The reason was that once again I'd been complaining about having put on some fat (ok, only a little bit actually) cause of some medicine I had to swallow for some years plus mentioning that I'll be glad getting rid of it again as soon as I'd be able to eventually come off it completely.

Guess actually she'd rather been self-conscious about her own love handles, though frankly that never had been an issue with me. (Though even I'd agree that most things do have limits, actually in contrary never had a preference for anorexic women, but that -- amongst less material aspects -- is a topic I'll probably come back to later.) So just told her so and also no, didn't think I was a body fascist either, and that was it.

But somehow the term and it's implications stuck to my mind and kept me thinking, eventually leading to this blog's admittedly somewhat provocative title.

Besides continously confronting myself with the question if rsp. to which extent this cathegory might fit to my own self, soon also started considering other people's behaviour and reactions towards physical anomalies, since well, obviously that's something I have to deal with on a regular basis.

(to be continued ...)

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