Monday, May 29, 2006

'So, are you a fascist or yes?' (Bodyfascist Pt. 3)

Ok, guess there might be some PC-people out there already screaming bloody murder for me using the F-word so lighty without some huge piles of dead bodies with a yellow star sewn to their striped shirts being involved first.

Well, I'm aware (like I mentioned before) that this blog's title's somewhat provocative by intention. And I'd also agree that (too) excessive use of the F-word doesn't actually benefit the cause.

The reason why I'm still deliberately using it here, is that I'm convinced that the underlying theme of these postings, i.e. the experience of not being thoroughly accepted or even openly rejected just for not fitting the average visual norm, rsp. the incentive of people (as said to a certain extent also including myself) for doing so, indeed DOES have a common root with what came historically to be known as fascism and it's multiple predecessors and heirs.

Now, I'm nevertheless afraid probably there might still remain more than enough hardcore PC-people feeling the urge to put me straight into the oven for such blasphemies (or at least sentencing me to Schreibverbot for life).

If so, and by chance this might apply to you -- frankly, no one is forcing you to read on, and even more frankly, I'll not be too sad if you just sod off right now.

Cause having said all this, what I'm rather gonna do concerning this topic, is getting more specific about what above I called this blog's underlying theme and the common roots, than arguing any more about Personal Computers, ok?

(to be continued ...)

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