Wednesday, May 24, 2006

... taking the count ...

Well, guess who's been calling me just after 8 in the morning today? Wouldn't believe it: The surgeons assistant. If I'd mind coming over quickly, so he could change bandages and check and rinse out the wounds. Cause he'd been worrying and come to the conclusion, doing so could probably help so that I could still keep the implants. Plus taking a blood sample just to make sure.

Thought I was dreaming. Almost saw my faith in humanity restored etc.

Well, the cleaning out of the wounds rsp. filling them up with desinfectant, draining them again, refilling etc. was something of a treat by itself, uh-oh. Frankly the best about was when he finally stopped and the pain started ebbing, eventually giving way to the endorphine silence post-orgasmic bliss flushing through all of my body.

Sitting on the bench outside afterwards waiting for the bus with my eyes rolled heavenwards, saw the passing cars mysteriously splitting themselves in two like waterdrops before finally disappearing behind the curve, followed by a nicely reverberating characteristic woooo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ooooshhhhh.

So during the process, just to let him know (and ok, cause I've been kinda the melodramatic one in the family always), breathed and hissed some when he was going at it rougher inbetween. Showed me some of the granulated coagulated blood he was taking out. Looked like bloody edgy grains of sand or ground splinters of glass to me.

At least he was pleased that the cavities didn't looked infected (well, me too), and also when home later the pain miraculously still didn't come back. Even slept two more hours in the afternoon without trouble. And even better, after 10 pm my temperature stayed down!

© Anger 2006

In short, everything felt so nice and would've been sooo great. Only when going to sleep again after midnite, one hour later woke up cause of this really ugly pain, and just thereafter felt it dripping warm down my head behind the bandages -- again ...

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