Monday, May 15, 2006

Testicles! On my head!

The first person to say the lumps would 'look like testicles' was artist HR Giger (in case somebody shouldn't know: amongst other things terrific painter and creator of the "Alien" monster) when me and my mate were talking to him about pikeying some of his pictures for our (still) forthcoming collected works edition of Paul Leppin.

Hadn't noticed that kind of resemblance myself yet, but HR insisted and was quite amused. More people made the same comparison since then. And in the meantime even I can understand why they keep coming up with that.

Gee! On my head! Anyway didn't take too long and I found it funny too.

Though when I was talking to HRG the next time, he came back to the lumps and said he was sorry, that he had thought they were artificial and that else he wouldn't have made the joke.

As usual I said no offence taken and that it'd been my choice to keep them and that he shouldn't have a bad conscience.

Still nice of him. By the way, also was one of those who didn't gawp.

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