Sunday, September 03, 2006

... straight to the boll**ks, one more time

The ones on my head, that is. Before heading off, seeing my GP to have the infected lump rinsed and examined again, he was determined that it should be well again after 5 more days of rinsing, so the daily 'torture' would eventually stop and me still being able to go away before the next round of surgery and the subsequent start of the winter semester that'll tie me down locally to some extent. Ok, it's not actually painful having it rinsed and also not inbetween, but it's still a small wound permanently kept open and also generally not exactly a pleasure.

Also the germ causing all the trouble, being the same already having pestered the implant wounds earlier as the lab tests had shown, fortunately not being a nasty one, and, as the GP pointed out, not originating from my lung as the surgeon had suspected because of its latin name, but also being common in wrinkles of the normal skin. Actually being the one making you smelly behind the ears when not washing regularly, which explains why I had just thought I hadn't showered properly when the whole mess started.

So, could be worse, now couldn't it? Well, of course it can -- not just generally but also in my very case, as I was about to find out pretty soon. More precisely the 2nd day we were in Dresden,my brother out on a visit with his wife and her father who was also visiting at the moment, eventually went for a shower, the infected lump carefully protected by a specially designed dressing. So far, so well, till suddenly while drying myself with the towel -- oh, f**k, no! Not that smell again! Please!

Well, despite all pleading, obviously it was the big lump just going rancid too, though fortunately not really as smelly as the small one yet for a change. Still, no good news at all, especially me being anxious about going on later. And also us not having enough disinfectant and gear with us, so our trip on to Berlin going to be delayed just once again.

Not to mention this being the big one now. Me sitting on a chair, holding a waste bag open, my mate squeezing out all this endless amounts of the ugly stuff before being able to go for the now familiar desinfection routine. Now for two lumps. Every bloody f**ckin day.

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